Deploying Your Angular Apps (using containers) – ngVikings Talk

I had the opportunity to attend and speak at ngVikings this year in Copenhagen, Denmark which was a lot of fun. Copenhagen is a beautiful city and the conference organizers did a great job putting the event together. One of the talks I gave at the conference covered deploying Angular applications using containers. While the focus was on Angular and any services it may call, the concepts can really be applied to any front-end back-end application or service.

Topics covered in the talk include:

  • Deployment Challenges
  • What is Docker?
  • Images and Containers
  • Orchestration with Docker Compose
  • Orchestration with Kubernetes (introductory look)

Deploying Your Angular Apps (using containers)

Additional resources from the talk can be found below:

If you’d like even more details on this topic check out my Containerizing Angular Applications with Docker or Docker for Web Developers courses on Pluralsight. My company also offers an onsite instructor-led training course covering Docker and Kubernetes as well for teams.

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