What are Some Good Generative AI Prompt Engineering Resources?

One AI question I get a lot is, “What are some good prompt engineering resources?”. Here are a few I’ve found useful:

✅ OpenAI Prompt Engineering Documentation
✅ Azure OpenAI: Introduction to Prompt Engineering
✅ Prompt Engineering Guide
✅ AI Builder Prompt Engineering Guide (PDF)
✅ DeepLearning.AI: ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers
✅ Brex’s Prompt Engineering Guide

There are many more out there, but these will help get you started. If you have a favorite, please add a comment so others can see it too.

If you want to start using prompts in different Generative AI scenarios and learn more about AI building blocks in general, check out:

✅ OpenAI Cookbook (examples and guides)
✅ Generative AI for Beginners (hands-on tutorial)
✅ Integrate OpenAI, Communication, and Organizational Data Features into a Line of Business App (hands-on tutorial)
✅ Fundamentals of Generative AI (hands-on tutorial)

Finally, prompts can be used with various Copilot scenarios too (GitHub Copilot, Microsoft Copilot, Copilot for Microsoft 365, and many more). If you want to learn about Copilot options and even go through some fun coding “adventures”, check out these resources:

✅ Adopt, Extend and Build Copilot Experiences Across the Microsoft Cloud (roadmap for key copilots across Microsoft)
✅ Copilot Adventures (coding challenges to help you learn how GitHub Copilot can help)
✅ Mastering GitHub Copilot for AI Paired Programming (hands-on tutorial)

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