Angular Architecture Concepts – ngVikings Keynote

The ngVikings conference was held in Copenhagen, Denmark this year and I had a great time speaking at it and talking with the people that attended. One of the more fun aspects of attending any conference is listening to and learning from what others are doing, hearing about problems they’re trying to solve, helping out where possible, and making new friends along the way.

I had the opportunity to give one of the keynote talks this year and focused on a topic that is near and dear to me – architecture. Some companies seem to have the viewpoint that because a front-end application is “JavaScript” (something I mention at the beginning of the talk), that not a lot of planning for the application needs to happen. That’s of course incorrect as architecture and overall application planning is still very critical in this area just as it would be for a traditional web application or desktop application.

I had to fight through these guys to get to the stage, but after some negotiating they let me pass. 🙂

Topics covered in the talk include:

  • Application Planning
  • Module Organization
  • Structuring Components
  • Component Communication
  • State Management

Angular Architecture Concepts

Additional resources from the talk can be found below:

If you’d like even more details on this topic check out Angular Architecture and Best Practices course on Pluralsight. It has a lot more detail about the concepts covered in this talk (as well as many others). My company also offers an onsite instructor-led training course covering Angular Architecture as well for teams.

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