.NET Rocks Panel Interview: Docker, Containers and More

I had the chance to sit down with Carl and Richard from .NET Rocks as well as Michele Leroux Bustamante and Rick Van Rousselt while at the DevIntersection Europe conference to have a panel discussion on Docker, containers and more. It was a lot of fun talking with everyone on the panel so feel free to tune if you’re interested in Docker and containers (click on the image below to listen to it).   It looks like they dug up¬†a 15 year old picture of me to use for my bio – time flies! ūüôā

10 Angular and TypeScript Projects to Take You From Zero to Hero 1

There are a lot of great samples and posts out there to help get you started with Angular (version 2 or higher) as well as ES6/ES2015 and TypeScript. However, some are out of date, some may be more complex than you want to start with, and others have been abandoned and are no longer maintained. In this post I‚Äôm going to provide a list of 10 Angular/TypeScript projects that I‚Äôve created that can take you from ‚ÄúZero to Hero‚ÄĚ if you like to explore project code and are interested in investing the time to learn. The projects are listed in […]

New Pluralsight Course – Integrating Angular with Node.js RESTful Services 3

  I’m excited to announce the release of a new course on Pluralsight titled Integrating Angular with Node.js RESTful Services! In this course I’ll walk you through the process of using Angular 2 or higher to call into RESTful services and perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations in an application to allow a user to view and modify¬†data. If you’ve wondered about how Angular services work, how to organize modules, the role of Observables and RxJS in async operations, how Angular’s¬†Http client can be used to make async calls, how to create and validate Angular forms, how to […]

.NET Rocks Interview: Angular 2, ASP.NET Core and Docker

I always love jumping on the .NET Rocks podcast with Carl and Richard! Great guys who always make it a lot of fun. In my latest interview on the show we talk about ASP.NET Core, Angular 2, Docker and a bunch of other topics along the way. Click on the image below to listen.

Angular (2 or higher), TypeScript and HTML Snippets for VS Code 6

I use VS Code a lot in my development projects and recently put together a set of Angular 2 TypeScript and HTML snippets that can be used to enhance productivity when building Single Page Applications.¬† By typing a snippet prefix (such as ‚Äúa2‚ÄĚ) in a TypeScript or HTML file you can quickly add the associated code into your file. Here‚Äôs a list of the supported snippets:   Angular 2 TypeScript Snippets   a2bootstrap – Bootstrap snippet a2appModule – Create the root app module (@NgModule) a2component – Component snippet a2httpImport – Http module import snippet a2httpMap – Http map() snippet a2inputProperty […]

Angular 2 Meetup in Barcelona with Dan Wahlin and John Papa 2

I’m excited to announce that John Papa and I will be presenting at¬†an Angular 2 meetup on July 31st, 2016 at 19:00 in Barcelona! We’re going to be there¬†doing a full-day¬†Ultimate Angular 2 Workshop¬†and wanted to organize¬†a¬†meetup for people who aren’t able to attend. Event Details What?¬†Angular 2 Meetup in Barcelona Where? Can Jaumandreu – UB Parc de les Humanitats i les Ci√®ncies Socials, Carrer del Per√ļ, 52, 08018 Barcelona When? July 31, 2016 (19:00 – 21:00) Who? Learn from Dan Wahlin,¬†John Papa¬†and others! How do I Register?¬†Register Here¬†(limited spots available) If you’re not able to make it to our […]

New Pluralsight Course – Play by Play: Docker for Web Developers

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with my friend John Papa and talk about how Docker can be used to boost Web development productivity. In this Play by Play course on Pluralsight we discuss what Docker is and how you can get started using¬†it by installing¬†Docker Toolbox or Docker for Mac/Windows. We¬†discuss what images and containers are and the role they play, talk about the layered file system, as well as how you can quickly and easily get a full development environment up and running on your dev machine with Docker Compose. This same environment can easily be […]

Developer Bliss with Docker for Mac & Docker for Windows 11

I’m a huge fan of Docker and am using it a lot¬†in¬†various projects now. In fact the https://blog.codewithdan.com site¬†is running in Docker containers on Azure. Three containers are used and managed with¬†Docker Cloud: nginx container WordPress container MariaDB (MySql) container What’s great about Docker is that I can¬†have a local version of my blog up and running on my dev machine in a matter of minutes and it mirrors production. That makes it easy to test out various WordPress changes (plugin and theme updates for example) rather than trying them on my production server which can be¬†scary! If you’re working […]

Video – TypeScript: Angular 2’s Secret Weapon

I had the awesome opportunity to speak¬†at ng-conf¬†(one of my favorite conferences) about TypeScript and some of the key¬†features it provides that are used in Angular 2. While several of the features covered are available (and have been available for years) in¬†server-side languages such as C#, Java and others, developers accustomed to writing browser-centric¬†applications haven’t been able to leverage these features in the past. TypeScript provides a great way to take advantage of ES6 features while also providing support for some of the features I discuss in the talk such as interfaces, generics, type support and more. Angular 2 is […]