Free Interactive Coding Course: Build Your First Angular App

About a year ago I was browsing the web and came across a site called It provided a unique way to learn about web technologies through a live code editor combined with audio that syncs with the code – something you have to actually try out to realize the full potential. Since I do a lot of training for companies the Scrimba tool really caught my eye.

I was so impressed with the features Scrimba provided that I decided to contact the creators (Per Harald Borgen and Sindre Aarsaether) to let them know that I thought the tool they had built was great and to see if they had plans to license it for various training scenarios. It turns out that Per and Sindre had heard about some of my video training courses on sites like and and asked if I’d be interested in creating a course for Scrimba. After several video chats over a few months we finalized the details and the Build Your First Angular App course became a reality.

I originally recorded the course back in April of 2018 but the concepts covered apply to the latest version of Angular as well. The course provides a great way to learn Angular while getting hands-on experience with TypeScript, components, templates and data binding, services, routing and more using the live Scrimba code editor and its unique ability to sync with audio clips that describe the code.

You can pause the course at any point, experiment with the code (it’s real code – not videos of code), and then resume the course whenever you want.

The course consists of 33 “screencasts” (although there’s no video as you’ll see if you take the course) that walk you through everything you need to know to get started building Angular apps from start to finish. Here’s the official course agenda:

You can watch the course for free! I hope you enjoy it!

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