Video: Microservices with Docker, Angular, and ASP.NET Core

I recently had the opportunity to speak to a group in Denver, Colorado about Microservices, Docker, Angular, and ASP.NET Core which was a lot of fun. Briebug sponsored the event at Alamo Drafthouse and we had a great turnout!  Thanks to Briebug for organizing the event (really appreciate Anne, Jesse, and Bill for everything they did) and for everyone that came out to see the talk.

Here’s an overview of what the talk was all about:

Learn about the role that microservices can play in today’s enterprise environments in this talk by Dan Wahlin. Learn what a microservice is, how an Angular client can call into “microservices”, how to create RESTful microservices using ASP.NET Core and Node.js, and the role Docker containers can play in the overall process. Throughout the talk you’ll hear about the pros and cons of microservices and see the benefits that Docker can provide. If you’ve wondered about microservices, Docker or other technologies then this talk will provide you with a solid jumpstart.

Microservices with Docker, Angular, and ASP.NET Core

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