New Pluralsight Course – Play by Play: Docker for Web Developers


I recently had the opportunity to sit down with my friend John Papa and talk about how Docker can be used to boost Web development productivity. In this Play by Play course on Pluralsight we discuss what Docker is and how you can get started using it by installing Docker Toolbox or Docker for Mac/Windows. We discuss what images and containers are and the role they play, talk about the layered file system, as well as how you can quickly and easily get a full development environment up and running on your dev machine with Docker Compose. This same environment can easily be moved to staging and production environments as well.

If you haven’t looked into Docker yet this might be the best 1.5 hours you can spend! Docker is a game changer for my development projects and is definitely one of my favorite technologies. Check out the Play by Play video here.

If you want additional information about Docker and how it can be used in your Web development workflow check out my full Docker for Web Developers course.

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