Video: Taking Your Line of Business Apps to the Next Level with OpenAI and GPT Models, Communication and Organizational Data

I had the incredible opportunity to grace the stage at the 2023 ng-conf conference in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah this past June. Every year, I look forward to this event, and it’s not just because of the scenic views or the pristine organization of the conference. The magic truly lies in the amazing people I get to chat with and the new friendships I forge. If you’re after a blend of fun, entertainment, and education, ng-conf is the place to be. Plus, let’s not forget the golden opportunity it provides to expand your network.

This year, I talked about a topic I’m really passionate about – taking Line of Business (LOB) apps to the next level. By weaving in technologies from OpenAI, incorporating advanced communication features, and integrating organizational data, you can transform the way users interact with your apps. Think less distraction, more action. It’s all about minimizing those pesky context shifts and ensuring that the data users need is right at their fingertips. The end goal? Increased productivity!

For those who missed it (or want to relive the moment – yes, there were a few unexpected moments of “fun” during the talk), I’ve got you covered. Watch the full talk here: 

Thinking Outside the Box: Taking Your LOB Apps to the Next Level

Technologies covered include OpenAI & GPT Models, Communication with Azure Communication Services, and retrieving Organizational Data with Microsoft Graph.

The GitHub repo used for the talk can be found at:

A hands-on tutorial based on the application can be found at:

If you’d like additional details about the AI, Communication, and Organizational Data features covered, check out the tutorial or the this blog post.

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