azure functions

Use Power Automate to Retrieve Data from an Azure Function for Reporting

In a previous post I showed how to convert a local Node script into an Azure Function so that it can be called from anywhere. While that solution provides a great (and cost effective) way to call the script using HTTP, I also needed to automate the calls and add the data into a spreadsheet for reporting purposes. This post explores how to automate the process using Power Automate. If you haven’t used Power Automate before it’s part of the Power Platform suite of tools that includes Power Platform, Power Pages, Power Virtual Agents, and Power BI. Creating a Power […]

Migrating a Local Node Script to Azure Functions using VS Code

I have a work project that uses GitHub APIs to access stats about specific repos (views, clones, forks, etc.). It was pretty straightforward to get the project running locally using GitHub’s Octokit REST package and with a little work I had a working Node script that could be run to retrieve the data and display it in the console. That was a good start, but the script functionality needed to be consumed by others in my organization as well as by services such as Power Automate. What to do? While I could easily convert the script into a Node/Express API […]