Adventures in Angular Podcast Interview: TypeScript and Angular 2 10



I always enjoy talking with the Adventures in Angular podcast hosts – great group of guys. In my latest interview on the show I talk about TypeScript and Angular 2 and our favorite features. Check out the podcast below.


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  • Alexander Torres

    Hey Dan, is the Adventures in Angular Podcast broke? Tried clicking on the link on their site and I get ‘Internal Server Error’

  • geoPicture

    I still get the Internal Server Error

    • Not sure what the problem is. You’d have to contact them since I have no control over that site. It’s working OK here though – tried on multiple machines. Could be a location based issue though maybe?

    • They’ve been contacted so hopefully it’ll be fixed soon. Not something I have any control over unfortunately.

  • bruparel

    Dan, the podcast is still broken. does it work for you?

    • Broken for me too. I contacted the Adventures in Angular team so hopefully they’ll fix it soon.