Angular 2 Workshop in Barcelona July 31st, 2016

I’m excited to announce that John Papa and I will be giving a full-day Angular 2 workshop in the beautiful city of Barcelona on July 31st, 2016! John and I are both really excited about the opportunity to come visit Spain and look forward to sharing our knowledge, expertise and passion with everyone. Read on to learn more about the workshop and what we’ll be covering.



  • What? Learn Angular 2
  • Where? University of Barcelona
  • When? July 31, 2016 (9 am – 4 pm)
  • Who? Learn from  John Papa and Dan Wahlin
  • How do I Register? Register Here

There are a limited number of discounted tickets available for the workshop (the register link above already applies the discount).


Free Meet Up After the Workshop

If you’re not able to make it to the Ultimate Angular 2 workshop, John and I will also be giving talks at a free meet up event scheduled for the night of the workshop (July 31st, 2016). Register for this free event at


Video Interview with Dan Wahlin, John Papa and David Pich


The Ultimate Angular 2 Workshop


Interested in spending a fun-filled day learning how to build Single Page Applications (SPAs) with Angular 2 and Google Developer Experts John Papa and Dan Wahlin? John and Dan will be in Barcelona for a full day of Angular 2 and look forward to sharing their knowledge, expertise and passion with everyone.

By learning Angular 2 and Single Page Applications you can provide a robust “desktop-like” experience for users while leveraging a web deployment model. Whether you’ve been building Angular 1 applications or you’re brand new to Angular, this workshop will provide a ground-up approach to learning Angular 2 concepts and by the end of the day you’ll understand how all of the “pieces” fit together.

The workshop explores the core concepts that will help you build end-to-end SPA solutions including the role of ES6/TypeScript, project setup, code structure, using data binding and MV*, abstracted remote data calls through services, observables, routing and more. You’ll see several demos (and be provided with the code) throughout the workshop that will help you learn and understand the Angular 2 framework.

This workshop covers:

  • SPA fundamentals
  • Why Angular 2?
  • ES6/TypeScript fundamentals
  • Transpiling/compiling TypeScript to JavaScript
  • How to get started with the Angular CLI
  • Bootstrapping your application
  • The Role of Components
  • Using Annotations in Components
  • Dependency injection and providers
  • Binding data to views
  • Input and output properties
  • Managing remote data calls using services
  • Http and RxJS Observables
  • Getting started with the Angular CLI
  • Routing and page navigation

If you’re looking to get a jump start on Angular 2 and learn about how you can use to build robust SPAs then come join us for a day of learning and fun!

This workshop will have some hands-on aspects so bring your own laptop.

Register Here


About Dan Wahlin

Dan Wahlin is President and Chief Architect at Wahlin Consulting which provides consulting and training services on Web technologies such as JavaScript, Angular, Node.js, C#, ASP.NET MVC, Web API and Docker. He’s also published over 10 developer courses on and Dan is a Google Developer Expert, Docker Captain, Microsoft MVP and Regional Director and speaks at conferences and user groups around the world.  Dan has written multiple books on Web technologies, hundreds of technical articles and blog posts ( and runs the Code with Dan newsletter (a great way to stay up on the latest technologies – sign up at his blog!). Follow Dan on Twitter @DanWahlin.


About John Papa

John Papa is a Microsoft Regional Director, MVP, and Google Developer Expert for Angular. He is the author of 100+ articles and 10 books, and can often be found speaking around the world at keynotes and sessions for conferences such as NgConf, Build, TechEd, VSLive and AngleBrackets. John is a co-host of the popular Adventures in Angular podcast, author of the Angular Style Guide, and of many popular Pluralsight courses.


Special thanks to Angular Beers, for sponsoring us!


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