Channel 9 Video: Five Things About Docker 2

I had the opportunity to sit down with Simona Cotin (Azure Developer Advocate at Microsoft) at the AngularMix conference to talk about “Five Things About Docker”. The video is one in a series of “Five Things” videos being created and produced by the Azure Developer Advocate team at Microsoft and presents various tech topics in a fun way. This particular video is focused on Docker and a few of the things I really like about it.

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  • Todd Hilehoffer

    Wait, what? Why is it hard to create a dev environment? Install visual studio, pull code from source repository? What else is the problem that Docker solves?

    • This is about running your code in exactly the same environment as your other environments (staging/production for example) including the server that’s used and much more. If you’re using VS and just pulling/running your code you’re using IIS Express (I’m assuming a .NET app here given the VS mention)…not even close to a real environment. Is your dev environment security the same as your staging/production environment security, your config, environment variables, server version, patches, etc.? With containers it’s possible to sync all of that and more across all environments so less surprises come up when deploying. If all of that is easy for you then there may not be a use for containers…you might have a simple environment setup (which is a good thing).

      For many companies it’s challenging to get their dev environment going since it’s a complex environment and they want it to be as close to staging/production as possible. In addition to web servers they might have caching servers, queues, web services, RESTful services, other types of services, etc. If you’re running microservices for example with different servers, different frameworks, etc. that can be challenging. That’s very common in large enterprises with teams all over the world. Every situation is unique though. One size never fits all and I’d argue that statement applies to containers as well. For me personally, I love them. Solves a ton of challenges we’ve run into over the years with my company and with other companies we work with.